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Bride and Groom Photographers, In Brera Since 1994


We offer Photographic Services for Weddings, Ceremonies and Events at discounted prices.


20 years of experience in wedding photography, advertising and events throughout Italy.

Headquarters in Milan between Brera and Moscova.

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Who we are

The Wedding Photographers

We Bride and Groom Photographers have specialized in wedding photography over the course of over twenty years of experience. We are active throughout Italy, based in Milan.

We opened the first studio in 1994, and since then we have gone through all the stylistic phases of wedding photography, from the depopularity of the reportage style to the slow return of posed photography. Over time we have combined classic photography with the introduction of new shooting technologies, such as the use of drones for aerial cinematographic shots of great visual impact.

Immortalizing all the key moments of a long day, full of life and guests, is not easy. For us, every wedding is a true celebration, which we always experience with the joy combined with the responsibility of having been called to transform your most important day into history.


The Studio In Brera

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