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Our packages include wedding photography services that can be adapted to the requests and needs of our customers. However, at Fotografi degli Sposi, we have always offered some additional photographic services to satisfy every need of the bride and groom and make the wedding an unforgettable day. Even in this case, the prices of additional wedding services try to be as low and competitive as possible.

Banquet Prints For All Guests

During the Reception one or more assistants are responsible for selecting the best photo of the day, which is then printed in 10×15 format with latest generation sublimation printers, and delivered to all Guests at the end of the day, to leave them with a souvenir indelible.

Possibility to also print personalized photographs for the spouses, relatives and friends, in large A4 format (20×30).

Minialbum For  I  Parents/Witnesses

Where it is not already included in the chosen package, it is possible to print a pair of albums in 21x30 cm format for the parents, printed on high-weight paper, with the same layout as the wedding album. Cost: €75 for the couple

We also print mini albums for witnesses, in 21×15 cm format, in 4 copies. Cost: €75 for 4 albums

Box or case for the album

Box or briefcase matching the cover chosen for the Album, starting from €60. Included in the Diamond package.

Print photos on canvas or poster

Would you like to have a souvenir photo of your best day printed in large size that you can hang?
Maxi format 70×100 cm poster, printed with original Canon inks and 300 gram pearl paper, for exceptionally vivid and brilliant colours. Cost: €50

Photo on canvas, 70×100 cm, to transform the most beautiful photo of your wedding into an artistic painting. Cost: €100

Photo Booth (Photography Corner)

Set up of a photography corner, where Reception Guests can take photos of themselves and immediately get the images printed thanks to our portable photo studio. Contact us for a quote!

Screening of photos from the day

During the reception, we screen photos of the day and, if requested, fun photos that represent the story of the bride and groom, projected as videos with transitions, fun subtitles and music.

Aerial shots

With our drones it is possible for us to carry out, in addition to classic video footage, also aerial footage through the use of remote-controlled drones which carry out extremely stable and breathtaking HD footage.

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