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Bride and Groom Photographers Also Make Wedding Videos!

Our video operator graduated from DAMS in Bologna and works at Sky TV as a television director. The editing of our videos is dynamic, never boring, designed to tell the story of the day with a unique narrative style, fresh, fun but also refined and carefully studied.
Our videos film the entire wedding day, starting from the preparations at the bride's home until the end of the celebrations, without time limits.

The service includes filming throughout the day, dynamic editing with music of your choice and the creation of the DVD.

The Video is in full HD.

It is possible to request that some parts with the original audio be included in the editing, for example during the Ring Exchange, or during the First Dance of the Newlyweds or during the Karaoke. Or during the Ceremony of Jehovah's Witnesses the moment of the Discourse in the Kingdom Hall.  It is possible to request separately, in addition to the DVD with the editing, all the footage of the day.

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