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10 pro tips for a great wedding video

A couple's wedding is one of the most important days of their life. This is why it is essential to immortalize their memories with photos and a beautiful video of the wedding.

In this article, we examine a list of 10 suggestions that will help a serious and talented professional achieve the goal. But this article can also be useful to couples who are looking for an expert and capable photographer.

In fact, if you intend to hire someone, try to understand if the latter is able to satisfy these fundamental steps to obtain a beautiful wedding video.

We'll take a look at how you need to prepare, what you need to bring, and finally, how to film weddings with these 10 special tips.

So let's not go any further and immediately find out how to film fantastic videos at weddings.

1. Communication is key

To be an efficient and effective wedding photography director, communication is key. This means communicating with the protagonists of the wedding: the spouses. As well as a few other main guests (such as their parents).

Well before the big day, a good photographer will want to meet with the engaged couple to ask them questions and get concrete direction for the video.

What do they expect from the video? What are the “must have” shots they want to get? Are there particular moments that photographers absolutely must be ready to capture?

These are just some simple example questions that can be asked. But what we really need to find out is what the couple's expectations are for the video.

The photographer will also need to communicate with the wedding planner if there is one. What is the timeline of the ceremony and reception? This will help the photographer (and his collaborators) to be where they need to be to obtain the perfect shot without compromises.

You may also need to communicate with event venue management. You may discover interesting suggestions about great filming locations.

2. Define the "must have" shots

Once the meeting between the photographer and the future spouses has taken place, the idea of what you will achieve must be well defined. The cinematographic aspect linked to the wedding is enhanced since it is possible to combine a good eye for the key moments and being prepared and capturing the so-called "must have" shots.

Having a reference shot list will help the photographer make sure they haven't missed any of the images the bride and groom are hoping to receive. The big kiss, the bride walking towards the altar, the groom's reaction... they are all great moments not to be missed! And even the preparation for the wedding will be full of must" moments absolutely to be included.

As a professional, even if you don't refer to a list of must-have images of the ​​wedding day every time, create this typology of the list is advisable. It will help visualize and remember the essential shots you need to get.

3. Weddings are a love story

One of the best ways to prepare to shoot a wedding video is to imagine it as a love film. Thinking in terms of story will guide the photographer and direct him not only on how to shoot the video, but also on how to edit it later. Getting great shots of the wedding preparations can create a first prologue phase, at the beginning of a video.

Capturing emotions and crucial moments will give the wedding film a structure that will make it moving and engaging. Think about the most romantic scenes of the film: what do they look and sound like? Study how these moments can be put together to create a spectacular effect.

4. Prepare for all light conditions

One of the “most equipment-related tips” is to be prepared for all light conditions. During the day, there may be bright light if shooting outdoors. Indoor locations can also have very uncinematic lighting. Having fND filters to cut the light can help keep the aperture wide for a shallower depth of field and a more filmic look.

As the reception progresses, daylight will fade and the photographer will need to be prepared for limited light. This is especially true for outdoor locations. Many DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have poor lighting capabilities. Making sure you understand how your camcorder/camera will fare in low light conditions is crucial. Using lenses with large apertures will help in a low-light situation.

Using LED light kits or other video lights can be a good idea. But if used, they should be used sparingly. The worst thing is, in fact, to ruin the atmosphere of the reception by blinding the guests with the lights. That said, the right lighting support can make a huge difference in your shots.

5. Be quick and blend in with the guests

Weddings happen quickly and special moments always happen. Even if it's impossible to be everywhere at once, you can still get busy successfully. Being fast and keeping your equipment as light as possible will help you move efficiently.

You can also carry a kit of five different prime lenses, but the chances of having time to constantly change lenses are slim. Having a good zoom lens in the kit, rather, will help reduce the load and make a more efficient videographer.

Keeping it light will also help the photographer, and his possible collaborators, to blend in with the crowd. Let's say that excellent advice for all wedding videographers is to get the best shots, doing it in the least obvious way possible.

6. Long live sincerity

Some of the best shots in a wedding video are often the “most sincere” ones. Capturing spontaneous moments will help your shots appear more natural, genuine and memorable.

Couples usually remember the shots they pose for. But capturing authentic moments is often more valuable to them. They will end up with a video of special moments they didn't expect. This obviously doesn't mean completely forgetting the standard shots of the couple and the guests. Rather, it means integrating spontaneous shots with posed ones, together in balance.

Even in the most posed shots, it's right to encourage all subjects to be natural and interact with each other as if the camera wasn't there. This will also help direct shots appear more authentic and genuine.

7. Get creative with “B-roll”

The B-roll is one of those things that they can easily become redundant. Don't let B-roll become filler and just make your wedding video longer. With every B-roll that is shot it's right to think, "How can I compose or capture this shot creatively?" This may mean shooting through a mirror, shooting a frame within a frame, or using other cinematic techniques to recover stunning B-roll.

Using techniques employed by some of Hollywood's top directors can make your wedding video more scenic. Using inset shots, close-ups and even over-the-shoulder shots can make your shots more interesting.

In addition to being aware of how to capture something, it is also important to want to do it well. This brings us to the next tip: capture the emotion.

8. Capturing emotions

Weddings are an incredibly emotional occasion. For spouses, for families and for friends. Capturing these emotions will make your wedding video more impactful and memorable.

Typically, you will be able to capture emotions by focusing on people's reactions. For example, a shot of the bride walking down the aisle is incredibly important. But equally important is capturing the emotions and possible tears of the guests as they react to this specific, very important moment.

9. The stability of the camera

One of the most technical tips about professional wedding cinematography is to always keep the camera still. There are almost never good reasons to do some handheld shots in a wedding video.

Using a gimbal, stabilizers or even a mono-foot will help you get smooth footage >for a professional, high-quality wedding video. This is especially important whenever you are using camera movement in a shot.

Having a gimbal will also allow you to get more impactful shots that elevate the production value of the video.

10. Don't forget the sound

Although those listed up to now are a series of useful suggestions for taking care of the cinematic aspect of images, it is also worth remembering one of the somewhat more neglected elements: sound. A great wedding video must feature exceptional audio.

Having high-end microphones and capturing the audio of key moments, such as wedding vows and speeches, is just as important as getting images of those moments.< /p>

Our guarantee of success

Filming a wedding can be a particularly trying task. But a combination of theoretical and practical preparation in the field will help to obtain perfect shots for a fantastic wedding video.

Following these suggestions is important for anyone who wants to pursue the goal of filming a wedding in the best possible way and thus obtaining an extremely valid wedding video.

Having said this, it is useful to remember that everyone develops their own style and skills, so there is always a separate element that cannot be taught but which constitutes the soul of the professional.

We at Wedding Photographers want to offer the best possible result in terms of technical elevation but always scrupulously following the instructions of our customers strong>to deliver a product that conforms as much as possible to their idea. And, possibly, enrich it with our experience, surprising the spouses every time with the exceptional final result.

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