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10 unmissable wedding photos. How to do?

10 unmissable wedding photos. How to do?

For the spouses, the wedding is the happiest day of their life, but in the trained eyes of an expert photographer it is a succession of unmissable wedding photos to be taken before it is too late. This is why it is always better to rely on a professional wedding photographer, like us at the Milan wedding photography studio. So you can be sure that not a single important moment misses the mark.

Although there are many more, in this article I will tell you about the 10 photos that cannot be missing from your wedding photo album. Some of these are great classics, others are more original ideas and the result of long experience in the field.

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What are the 10 unmissable wedding photos?

1 the bride's dress

Of course, everyone would think of photographing the bride dressed in white and posing. But this isn't the must-see wedding photo I'm talking about. I noticed that making a still life of the bride's dress not yet worn is an equally beautiful and important subject. Whether it hangs from a coat hanger (attached to the door, on a wardrobe door or backlit in front of a window), is bent over a chair or lying on the bed, it creates a very suggestive shot.

2 Parents who help future spouses prepare

In this case they are two separate shots, but we put them together given the parallelism. The first involves the mother of the bride helping her daughter put on the dress. For example, buttoning it or zipping it up, or arranging the veil. The same goes for the groom and his father, who can help him tie the tie or put on the cufflinks.

3 the groom walking down the aisle with his mother

Among the unmissable photographs to take during the wedding, this shot is one of the greatest classics. This is a must-have keepsake to see and revisit for years to come, as well as a great photo to give to the groom's mother.

4 the meeting

The moment in which the bride and groom see each other for the first time in "wedding uniform" is the subject for a beautiful photo. Above all, it leaves a lot of freedom in tone: it can be played on the emotional, as well as the funny, depending on the style of service chosen.

5 the exchange of rings

Another classic and as such requires special treatment. A professional wedding photographer knows that he must shoot it from multiple angles, because such an important moment is experienced on different levels: from the looks of both spouses, to the gesture, up to the guests who attend.

6 interaction between guests

Let's be honest, it is difficult for spouses to realize what is happening at every moment. Either because they are not present, or because of the emotion. This is why it is very nice to take shots of the guests interacting with each other: it will be a surprise when you receive your wedding album.

7 the location of the banquet before the arrival of the guests

Photographing the location of the banquet before it fills with guests allows you to obtain a very suggestive shot. It has a peaceful and poetic quality, and can be performed with a panoramic perspective or focusing on a detail.

8 the cake

Like the dress and the wedding rings, the cake is also an icon of your wedding day. For a refined and non-trivial shot to emerge, you need a well-trained eye - or a lens - capable of reflecting the symbolic value of that dessert.

9 the toast

What better time for a shot of the bride and groom's toast to the health? A tear-jerking speech from the best friend, the glasses raised towards the sky, or the classic toast with the two lovers offering each other the glass: a photo of this gesture is the portrait of happiness and deserves a place in the ranking.

10 photos with witnesses

A wedding is a day of great intimacy, but also a day to share with the closest people. This is why one of the unmissable photos during the wedding is that of the groom with his witnesses, or of the bride with her "bridesmaids".

Specific information on the topic, for photography enthusiasts

At number 1 in our ranking I talked about still life. Let's see what this photographic style consists of and what its technical principles are. Starting from a definition: the still file style refers to the photography of inanimate objects, in the studio or on location. In short, a still life.

Although from an amateur point of view it may seem easier to photograph an object – compared to, for example, a person – it is exactly the opposite. First of all, still life requires a deep study of the subject itself. The photographer must meticulously observe the shape of the object, its details - picking out which ones to stand out more than others -, the way in which it reflects or absorbs light, and so on.

Secondly, it is necessary to conceive a final shot that is able to communicate an emotion. Yes, because an inanimate object - unlike a person - does not have facial expressions and does not transmit a state of mind on its own. It's up to photography to bring it to life and recreate a tone that translates into a specific sensation in the mind of the viewer.

Still life often involves having to study a composition of inanimate objects, such as the bride's dress, bouquet and shoes. Or the jewels. Also in this case, the choice of the position and "hierarchy" of the objects depending on the light and space is fundamental. Finally, a quality still life requires high-level professional photographic equipment, which has a very high resolution rendering. Therefore indispensable for a good professional wedding photographer.

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