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7 reasons to have a permanent team of professional photographers for your wedding

7 reasons to have a permanent team of professional photographers for your wedding

Being a wedding photographer is anything but a solitary job. In fact, we always find ourselves collaborating with other professionals, whether they are assistants, other photographers or similar roles. We are a close-knit team of professionals ready to dedicate heart and soul to your wedding.

It goes without saying that it is important to feel comfortable in order to offer the client the best photographic service possible. Otherwise, if something doesn't "click" there's trouble for everyone. For professionals, who are forced to do double – or triple, or quadruple – the effort, and of course for spouses, who already have enough variables at play without needing to add another unforeseen event.

This is why it is important to always collaborate with the same people, rather than relying on seasonal staff we know little about. Specifically, there are 7 main reasons why it is convenient to apply this rule to your work.

1 is not a question of principle, but of chemistry.

Generalizing is never useful, but those who work in the wedding sector know well how important it is to get along well and be in tune with your collaborators.

It's like filming a live show: there's no room for errors, hiccups or delays, and you certainly can't ask to repeat an important moment. For this reason, chemistry is an essential element that must always be present among the people who work on a wedding photo shoot.

2 save time.

Always collaborating with the same people guarantees a clear saving of time on two fronts. First of all it is an advantage that allows you to optimize the – very short – times on the field. Whether it's changing a lens, synchronizing two different sets or following the same moment from two distinct points of view.

Furthermore, it avoids a whole preparation procedure that precedes the work itself. This is because, not knowing each other, it is not possible to be directly on site on the day of the event, but a series of meetings, interviews and conversations is necessary to organize their respective roles.

3 if you know what awaits you, you also know how to make the most of it.

Each member of the staff makes their own contribution to the work carried out: directly or indirectly. Knowing your collaborators, their way of working and their style allows the professional photographer to more easily find a meeting point and a balance, leveraging everyone's strengths.

4 ease of coordination.

Precisely because they know each other so well, the wedding photography team has developed an efficient scheme that is suitable for any shoot. Experience has taught us the when, the who and the how of our work, without the need to recalibrate the collaboration from time to time.

In other words, always collaborating with the same people, and not with seasonal staff, makes it possible to coordinate everyone's work immediately and much (much) easier. Everyone has a role and knows when to come into play.

5 continuing to collaborate means growing as a team of professional photographers.

Developing a team of permanent collaborators gives you the opportunity to grow and improve as a team over time. Only in this way is it possible to practice and find the best execution, from time to time. The same cannot be said for those who work with seasonal staff and find themselves always having to start from scratch.

6 trust first of all.

How much easier is it to work with people you trust? For us wedding photographers, a lot. This advantage means that the work can be divided up and delegated without compromising the final result in the slightest. In fact, it only benefits you!

7 winning horse…

After the reasons you have read so far, you will have understood that it is not so much a question of asking yourself why it is convenient to collaborate with the same people as of asking yourself why you should change them.

A team of photographers, assistants and editors who work in perfect harmony is not found every day, and giving it up due to an unknown factor is a professional move that is just not worth making.

Specific information on the topic, for photography enthusiasts

I told you about the seven reasons why it is better to collaborate with the same people, but now I want to go into detail about how, thanks to this approach, we managed to find the perfect balance.

Years of experience as a team have allowed us to organize ourselves down to the smallest detail, to guarantee a very high quality service. See all the services we can offer at absolutely competitive prices.

For example, we use the Dropbox software to disseminate wedding cards to all the staff and to update in real time. This is also an expedient that would be much less automatic if we were collaborating with someone for the first time.

In conclusion, working with a well-known staff ensures a series of advantages - both technical and practical - which can make the difference on the quality of the final result.

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