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Civil Ceremony Wedding at Palazzo Reale

Civil Ceremony Wedding at Palazzo Reale

The Wedding at Palazzo Reale in Milan is a trend that has been growing a lot in recent years. In fact, to demonstrate this, we have noticed that 8 out of 10 newlyweds who ask us for information about a photo shoot tell us that they will get married at Palazzo Reale in a quick ceremony.

The wedding takes place in the heart of Milan , in a limited traffic area, where you can walk peacefully and have the opportunity to take interesting photos in front of the Duomo or in front of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Civil Ceremony Wedding at Palazzo Reale

As a Don once said, addressing the bride and groom at a wedding where we were doing a photo shoot: "The important thing in the ceremony is you!"

This is to say that the guests are certainly important and make the day magical and fun but the fundamental part is the married couple, there is no doubt about this. Whether the wedding takes place in town or in church and with only 2 witnesses, the important thing is to get married because you believe you want to do it and you believe that the person, whoever they are, is the right one for you. It is not necessary to have lavish weddings, which are just a side dish.

To get married at Palazzo Reale in Milan , in fact, you only need to have a beautiful dress, which you can also use on other occasions, because it does not require the uniqueness of the classic wedding dress.

It won't be a dress to frame but it will be a dress to live in and be able to use several times.

The wedding at Palazzo Reale is not a renunciation but an achievement, as our city, which has been the same for decades, has changed a lot, probably also driven by the Expo.

Civil Ceremony Wedding at Palazzo Reale

This new Skyline that can be seen from the terrace of the Duomo and the new metro lines allow Milan to be a city that has a more international and European outlook than the peninsula.

A wedding in Milan means taking a tour of the city by taxi, uber or thanks to a friend of the bride and groom.

The spouses took us everywhere in the city: from the fountain in Piazza Gae Aulenti with the vertical forest to the Tre Torri area , where the singer Fedez lives with Chiara Ferragni .

In these places breathtaking photos are taken , because three different skyscrapers, Piazza Gae Aulenti and jets of water hurl behind the bride and groom. There is no limit to creativity in these places and it allows us to experience some amazing photographs. From here you can also go to some beautiful public gardens or go to the classic Duomo.

Some spouses even took us to the Museum of the 20th century , where it is possible to take photos without any problem. Photos of art, classical music, piano and a spectacular view of Piazza Duomo.

So in a wedding at the Royal Palace with a civil ceremony, it is the spouses who decide how to organize everything. They can decide to do everything or do little, there is no limit and no pressure on this.

We had weddings at Palazzo Reale, first going to take photos on the terrace of the Duomo with the mountains and skyscrapers behind it. We have had weddings at the Royal Palace by first going for a tour, for example, in a small garden adjacent to the Palace.

We had some celebrations and afterwards we took a nice tour of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele with all the shop windows, the center of the gallery and all this passing through Piazza Duomo. A nice tour of Piazza Scala, Palazzo Marino and La Scala Milan.

After these stops there is an obligatory pit stop in Piazza San Fedele, where the lovers ' square is located.

We remind you that to get married in Milan, one of the spouses must have residence in Milan.

After the Civil Union they took us for refreshments on the Palestro terrace and lunch at Palazzo Parigi.

On one occasion however, when only the spouses and witnesses were present, we took photos in an old pizzeria located in Piazza XXV Aprile, one of the oldest in Milan.

Someone took us to the Navigli and someone instead took the ceremony in the city and the photos outside Milan.

The convenience of the Civil Ceremony at Palazzo Reale in Milan is that guests do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers to reach villas outside Milan. It is sufficient to organize a few taxis or use your own cars.

A further advantage is the underground parking in Piazza Diaz: Piazza Armando Diaz, 6, 20123 Milano MI, which allows you to park very close to the Royal Palace.

There is another underground car park in Piazza Filippo Meda, much larger and wider which also allows those who are less familiar with narrow spaces to park in comfort.

Guests can also arrive by the Red and Yellow metro . The bride and groom's car, requiring a permit, can enter from Piazza Fontana and arrive in front of Palazzo Reale Milano.

There are plenty of opportunities for photographs inside the palace too, there is a large courtyard, the wedding hall, where you can take photos in front of the mirrors.

You can take special photos with the bride and groom embracing, there are beautiful Murano style chandeliers and the celebrants are all kind, friendly and approachable. They always tell a poem , offer a gift from the city to the spouses, leave a few minutes at the end of the celebration to take institutional photos. You can take photos with the Italian and European flags. All this with a theatrical background, i.e. classical music.

It is essential to go 20 minutes before the ceremony and go to the room next to the wedding room, where the official signatures will have to be done, the documents delivered and the recognition done.

After the ceremony and the exchange of rings, other signatures will be made, which will be in the presence of guests and photographers, in order to immortalize this moment.

Opposite the exit of the wedding hall, there is a very romantic staircase that goes to the museum above, where you can take romantic photos of the bride and groom just after the ceremony.

Then depending on the type of wedding, if only the photographer is required for the ceremony, it will be possible to take 1 hour of photos of the surroundings with the guests, group photos and with the guests.

Let's remember that we, Bride and Groom Photographers , don't look at the clock. Usually we meet half an hour before and stay up to an hour later. This is always for those who want the photo shoot only for the ceremony. For a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The packages are completely personalized, you just need to tell us what you have in mind and we will create a perfect package suited to the situation you have described to us. Also giving you advice, based on years of experience. You can decide to have just 1 photographer or have more than one photographer. Read this article to see how the role of the photographer has changed over time: Read .

If you should choose to also have the video , we remind you that we give a USB stick with the edited video, made less boring and with music and is made to be shared with friends and relatives. Also on the stick we also insert the unmodified version, in which you will have all the scenes we recorded. Then celebration, various speeches, group photos, rice throwing, photos with relatives and possible lunch.

Our videos are all in Full-HD and on request also in 4k. The audio is always Stereo Dolby Surround and the videos are stabilized with Steadicam, which allows for no shaking. There is also the possibility of requesting the drone.

At the Palazzo Reale in Milan we now know all the celebrants and we have experienced that there is much more possibility of taking home beautiful photos compared to the church. This is because the celebrants are always kind. They always tell us to position ourselves wherever we like, even under the table if we wanted.

Our favorite is Mrs. Cleira , who keeps saying she has to retire, but she's always there. She does a very colorful ceremony. Also at the Royal Palace if there should be a brother who wants to give a speech or a friend. In this way the ceremony acquires more depth, knowing him he could make a more targeted speech while the celebrants make general speeches.

This is a new, simple and pleasant way of getting married, with much less means, less travel, no motorway to travel, less waste of resources, there are no people who get lost and call the bride and groom perhaps just as they are taking photos only with the spouses.

Especially on the way back there are fewer risks after dancing and drinking. This is because, being already in Milan, guests can simply call a taxi or have a relative or friend take them.

Even if there are older people, there are no extra-urban roads to take to get home.

Especially if you have to travel long distances, staying in the city is an extra security, you can get around by taxi, rental cars and any sustainable means such as electric scooters and bikes which are always available in the city of Milan.

Do you want to know more about prices and contact us for a no-obligation quote? Click here .

Our price for such a wedding, with just 1 photographer, remains €400 , for the ceremony alone.

While 1 photographer with a helper for the bags, which we would need because when working with a lot of top-of-the-range equipment, spotlights, canons, nixons and other small equipment it is necessary to be more than a photographer in order to have less margin for error and more time. So at a price that remains around €400 you have a good ceremony package.

If, however, you want a photographer for the whole day , there is the digital package: €550, the whole day, without time limits. Therefore including preparations for the bride. Also in this package it is possible to request a second photographer. The price with two photographers would be €700. There is the possibility to also request the video. Find out all the prices here .

Giovanni Rusconi

Wedding photographers, Milan

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