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Cohesion consistency coherence and quality in wedding photography

Cohesion consistency coherence and quality in wedding photography

Cohesion. Consistency. Color. Quality. Think of these elements as the four cs of artistic wedding photography (well, three and one q, but you get the point).

Go to our gallery to see firsthand our “4” c.

The cohesion of the marriage narrative

Cohesion is important because it helps you create collections of images that flow well and maintain a strong artistic appeal from start to finish. This is really necessary when you are dealing with aesthetically conscious clients. The artistic approach in wedding photography was born from the idea of creating more cohesive collections of images, not disparate piles of images that have no emotional, artistic or thematic connections. Today's high-end clients want the full package, which means telling their story from start to finish, accentuating the wedding design and drawing an artistic narrative of the event where they spend a lot of money. Make your own clients more beautiful when you include them in a beautiful narrative of their wedding. And when you make your clients look good, your business flourishes beautifully!

Consistency in the relationship with the client, from the cognitive meeting to the delivery of the photographs

I've said it over and over in this blog: consistency is key. Consistency in images but consistency in service. Consistency in quality. Image color and lighting should be consistent from photo to photo. Your service should be superlative from first contact to final delivery. The quality of your products and final offerings should be universally flawless. To truly deliver a high-quality experience, there can be no weak links.


Color, born from a very specific approach to light, defines the artistic aspect. Black and white shots punctuate the image collections, but color is what really attracts my clientele. My clients want light, airy images where the color represents a sense of carefree happiness. These colors, this implied light levity, go hand in hand with a wedding. It's the way people want to remember their big day. So help them. Put their story in an idealized setting and apply colors in a way that helps them remember their wedding in the best possible light.

The quality

Quality should run through everything. This almost goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: if you want to deal with a high-end clientele, you need to provide premium quality. Knowledge is what allows you to offer a quality photography service. Know your equipment. Know your exposures. Find out how the images will play. Providing quality starts from the moment you start planning a wedding, continues by carefully capturing every shot, and pays attention to image processing and album design even after the event.

Remember, success in today's market is about standing out for excellence. It's about standing out from the legions of average photographers out there and carving a successful niche that will last for years. The artistic approach is a path, a mindset that can help you move your business in the direction you want it to go.

The framework has been established. The philosophy is there and you know it. What you do from here on out is entirely up to you.

Remember again. Cohesion, consistency, color and quality in wedding photography.

Contact us now! Your wedding couldn't be more cohesive!

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