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Cost of a wedding photo shoot handled by professionals in the sector

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

We'll keep it short: a realistic price for a good wedding photographer is between 1500 and 2500 euros! You think, why does it cost so much? Why can't it be cheaper?

Well, we also manage to be cheaper, but thanks to a network of contacts that allows us to organize a large number of events. Look at our prices to get an idea!

What does the cost of good wedding photos depend on?

We can understand well if you start to put your hands in your hair and wonder if the price is really justified: “2000 Euros for a wedding reportage? But the photographer only works 6-8 hours! That's an hourly salary of 285 euros! This is true, but only at first glance.

How much does our wedding cost?

How much do couples spend on average on their wedding? What costs should we expect? How much does a wedding speaker cost? Where can I save and where should I not? These are the common questions of all those who are preparing to organize a wedding, and we need to give sensible but also honest answers.

Preparation for wedding filming

In addition to the wedding day, there is the preparation for a wedding to consider. Here you have, for example, a booking request, multiple email and telephone contacts before organizing a meeting, if it ever happens. Then the newlyweds arrive and there is time to dedicate to a preliminary discussion (1-2 hours). Many professional photographers look at the location in advance and decide how best to position themselves to tell a good "story" with their photos (another 2 hours of preparation at least).

The big day of filming

What many never calculate: the time for arrival and departure. Yes, that's working time too (2-3 hours). We calculate approximately 10 hours in total for the wedding day.

Here, the photographer takes a lot of photos and tries to capture the most beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony, to include the speaker (after consultation with him), tries to capture the emotions of the bride and groom and guests, etc. Then the reception, the champagne toast, the congratulations, the confetti, the food, the games, etc. – a wedding photographer's day never ends: always on the move, there are very few moments in which he can rest.

After the wedding day: photo editing

No, now it's not enough to burn a CD and make a selection of photos eliminating duplicates and (even here the time really passes by 1/2 hour): now the third part of the work begins!

Hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of photographs must undergo digital post-processing.

This takes at least one or two working days (12-18 hours).

A good photographer expects a difficulty factor of 1 to 3 – that is, each hour of the photo shoot will require approximately two hours of image editing. Only then is the product “sold”.

Professional equipment has its price

In addition to working hours, obviously, equipment plays a role – and a significant one, as it doesn't pay for itself. Image editing and selection software are expensive, cloud services to preserve photographs in original format, in addition to office rent, camera, lights, cost of company car etc.

Most photographers travel with two cameras, which cost €4-8,000, 3-6 lenses for €4-8,000, “little things” like a camera suitcase, flash, etc. (another €1-2,000), a PC to process images with accessories (another €2-4,000), and for the software you can also get it for a total of around €100 per month).

… I think you realize that all of this is included in the price you pay for photographs on your wedding day.

Good photographers have their value

Anyone who lets friends or relatives take their photos regrets it once they see the result. You see that behind a simple 8-10 hour photography day the work actually required to create a finished product is easily triple in terms of time.

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