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Cost of a wedding photographer

Cost of a wedding photographer | Bride and groom photographers

What is the cost of a wedding photographer?

Different magazines and blogs offer you different costs for wedding photographers. They are usually taken from the average of all wedding photographers. The price range for photographers starts at 250 euros and reaches 5,000 euros, but in some cases the prices can even be much higher. The cost of a wedding photographer varies, but the perception of its cost is extremely higher than the effort of the work it requires!

In essence, it can be said that eight hours of wedding reportage can realistically cost from €2,500 and up. We are able to make lower prices thanks to the considerable number of events in which we have the honor of participating. Visit our gallery and discover the prices of our packages !

My specialization (and my passion) lies in reportage photos. Moments of life that show you as you really are, lives and loves enclosed in a simple image! If you are looking for exactly this, then I look forward to hearing from you!

Still not convinced about turning to a professional wedding photographer? A wedding photographer doesn't make sense to you? What are the costs of wedding photographers?

The story of Paolo and Francesca

Before enumerating 1,000 reasons why you should do it, I prefer to tell you the story of Paolo and Francesca, who wanted to trust the magical photos of her friends, and the music chosen by a DJ friend of his.

Once upon a time… Paolo and Francesca, a magical couple, in love with each other and a year ago, Paolo proposed to his Francesca, and soon the wedding bells rang in their heads with all the excitement which follows.

For a whole year, Francesca was inspired, tinkered and spent hours and hours planning seating, comparing a variety of offers, having some heated conversations with Paolo.

Their tight budget didn't leave much room for their personal wishes, but it's important to celebrate their dream wedding with family and loved ones.

A week before the wedding day there was a big mess, and the DJ, a friend of Paolo, had canceled at short notice his availability to work at the party as a friend. He allegedly would not free himself and would have to work. Quickly, we searched for a long time by calling all available contacts, but all the professionals were already booked. A celebration without good music?! Fortunately, a friend of Francesca knows and recommends two friends of friends who play in a band.

Francesca's friend, Eleonora, usually photographs landscapes and horses. But in this case he will also take care of Amanda and Lukas's wedding. Then the two can save. Eleonora's photos of her horse are so beautiful and her camera also cost a lot, so it seems like she can be trusted. Too bad that wedding photos are completely different from photos of plants and animals!

However, the party is a success, the group's friends play splendidly, everyone dances and is happy. An unforgettable day, it seems, but what about the photos?

An unforgettable day... unfortunately it's too early to say!

Now, after the wedding, Paolo and Francesca can't wait to see Eleonora's photos. Eleonora is very fast, she delivers the DVD to them three days after her wedding. Full of anticipation, with the DVD containing over 2000 images, they start looking at the photos.

In the end, Francesca is on the verge of a strange spasm and Paolo is pissed. Why? The images are all completely flat and soft, overexposed or too dark. The beautiful photo of the kiss next to the rose bush is totally out of focus, and in the camera screen it actually looked much more beautiful… The party photos are all too dark in the background while the front is too bright or blurry. Photos of the decoration organized with so much effort are completely missing.

And where are the photos of grandma and grandpa? Aunt Maria can be seen on many photos but the grandparents are nowhere to be seen, and they are incredibly important to Francesca.

Just a story or something more?

Of course, this story is fictitious – but it happens to about half of spouses. Of course, the quality of photo shoots is also uneven. Always try to turn to a professional photographer and come to terms with your budget. Is it really worth saving a few hundred extra dollars and missing out on the wealth of your wedding?

Visit our packages and you will see that you will not regret it!

Basically, it's not worth saving too much on the cost of a wedding photographer. If anything, take it for a more limited period of time, but don't deprive yourself of it.

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