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How and why to choose the online photo album

Do you want to share your wedding photographs with friends and relatives in the most convenient way? Then you too can choose to create an online photo album. It is the best solution to watch the best moments of that special day when, where and with whom you want. We offer both an online photo album service but we also provide a physical photo album produced with the highest quality materials.

Sharing our most exciting experiences online with the people closest to us is now part of our way of life. It is a system to make those special moments eternal and to create memories that are always accessible. And which day deserves to be remembered forever more than your wedding? This is why online photo albums are having so much success.

Online photo album: practicality and elegance

If you want to show photographs of the best day of your life to your family or friends, you have several options to choose from. First of all, you can invite them all to your house, which is basically the same as having to rearrange a second wedding. Or you can decide to always carry the wedding album with you in case you meet someone on the street: effective, but certainly not convenient.

Alternatively, you can choose to send the photographs via email, uploading and dividing tens of megabytes of content into an indefinite number of messages, which the recipient will then have to download. Not to mention the endless chain of all the replies that will clog up your inbox for weeks to come. Again, not a practical choice and certainly not the most sophisticated.

On the contrary, choosing an online photo album allows you to upload photographs only once and be able to share them quickly and easily. All your friends have to do is connect to the internet: just one click and you're done. Such convenience can only entice people even more to see all your photos. Elegance also benefits: you will be able to arrange the photographs in an orderly manner, giving them a name and even a short description. In short, rather than treating them as simple wandering "files", they will find the dignity and harmony they deserve.

Share your photos in complete safety

The online photo album is not only a more practical choice, but also a safe one. First of all, you have the guarantee that your wedding photographs are preserved forever on the web. But above all, you decide who has the ability to access them: no one else will ever be able to see them.

For example, by choosing the Canon professional photo album, you will be asked to set an access password, without which it is impossible to enter. Furthermore, you can decide at any time to restrict access to your online photo album by changing your password whenever you want. This way you will always be sure that only the people you have chosen and whom you trust will view your photos.

Online photo album: the new frontier of the wedding service

The numerous qualitative and logistical advantages of the online photo album are the reason why we as wedding photographers were also enchanted by this service and decided to offer it to our customers. We know well the commitment and passion that lie behind a professional wedding photography service, and for this reason we want to enhance and protect the result as much as possible. This way, spouses and guests will be able to relive that magical day at any time.

If there is a wedding coming up and you are thinking about your wedding album, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the online photo album service.

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