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How to organize your wedding taking care of its look in 6 steps

Have you ever thought about the overall look that your wedding should have?

Yes, because not only do people, based on how they are dressed and how they act, convey a precise image of who they are, your Wedding can do the same.

From the morning preparations to the end of the celebrations you will be able to give a certain imprint to your most important day.

Establishing a basic concept and sticking to it is the easiest way to plan a wedding with a well-defined look that resembles you. And trust me, it will make everything a lot easier as you begin to explore the many options in the weeks and months to come. So, before you start trying on dresses, booking your live band, or taking a bite of cake, look at the big picture and determine the atmosphere you want to create for your wedding day. p>

Step 1: Think big

The beginning of the process is the dream phase, so don't worry about how something will work or how much it will cost. And don't even consider what your parents will think.

Imagine your dream wedding. What do you see? Here are some key questions to consider while a big picture is forming in your head.

  • Many guests (any acquaintances you would like to see) or few and well-selected ones (only close friends and relatives)?

  • Outdoors or indoors?

  • At home (one of your hometowns or your current city) or away from home (a location you love)?

  • Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic... or what else?

  • Fancy, casual or somewhere in between?

  • Spring, summer, winter or autumn?

Step 2: Gather and save inspiration

To get a better idea ofwhat you want (and definitely don't want), spend a little time time to take a look at: magazines, books, blogs and photos of real weddings. But don't limit yourself to just browsing the obvious sources. Something as unlikely as a wallpaper pattern or a cute perfume packaging design can spark an idea. Fabrics, color patterns, stationery and costume jewelry are also great places to start. You can also get inspiration by looking at the images on our website Wedding Photographers and of course you can contact us if you want to receive advice from our experts on everything related to the World of photography.

Then collect your ideas by putting them in black and white: it's one of the best ways to keep everything organised. It will also help you identify commonalities and visualize how the various elements will look together.

Step 3: Evaluate the formality

How elegant or casual do you want to appear? Do you want to see your guests dressed up during lunch or dinner? Or are you more for something basically simple and informal? The setting of your wedding can also dictate the overall vision of these aspects. To be clear: a beach wedding requires a more relaxed atmosphere, while a retro ballroom may require a more classic and elegant wedding. And don't forget your personal styles and the type of atmosphere that speaks best about the two of you as a couple. Do you like organizing intimate dinners, dressing elegantly and partying until dawn or organizing an outdoor picnic? Whatever you decide, you'll want to carry your chosen level of formality through every stage of your wedding, from the invitations to the wedding favor delivered at the end of the day.

Step 4: Refine your style

The more specific your personal vision of the style you want to achieve is, the easier it will be for you to choose all the details and convey your ideas to the professionals who follow you.

Your chosen theme can be anything from a favorite era, hobby or place to your personal culture. To help you define style, think of interesting hobbies that you and your partner have in common. Maybe you both love a sport or share a passion for art. Or maybe there is a place that is particularly important to you and your history as a couple. There are many possibilities, it's up to you to understand what to prefer and develop everything.

Step 5: Choose your colors

Color is a unifying factor between all the elements of your wedding, from details about your wedding location to bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at a color scale to determine which shades you are most drawn to. The easiest way to make all the elements of your wedding come together is to stick to one main color and one secondary color, or two equally important complementary colors (colors that are directly across from each other on the color scale, such as green and pink or yellow and purple) for bright contrast. But don't feel limited to just two colors: adding neutral or metallic accents will make your palette even more varied.

Step 6: Don't neglect the atmosphere

When planning your day, remember that the overall theme obviously affects the look of your wedding, but it can also set the tone. An evening celebration in a gilded ballroom designed to evoke the Roaring Twenties will take the chic quotient up a notch, while an alfresco reception will see guests make themselves comfortable denoting a more relaxed and informal trend. Whatever the final result, it will always be a success if it reflects you as a couple. Whatever your personalities and passions, expertly staged, they will know how to enhance your wedding and make it appear special.

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