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Images of an ideal wedding

Your wedding images – after a week or 50 years, you will always see them with a tingling in your stomach, a smile on your face (yours, and that of the people around you) lots of love in your eyes. And you can't afford to forget any of those amazing moments you had at your wedding!

That's why we chose to remember the most important moments of a wedding: the unmissable wedding images, with which you can relive your wedding day again and again for years to come.

Take our list as a guide and extend it as you wish: only you can know the ideal images of your wedding!

Of course, many photos are obvious, but in the hustle and bustle of this important day, no list is in vain: nothing is planned enough. If you write down all the wedding images you need to take in advance, you can be sure you haven't forgotten anything. This calms you down and allows you to experience the burden of the day with greater serenity!

The first question that needs to be answered is: who should take the wedding images? A professional photographer is not cheap, but you shouldn't save on this point!

Look at our packages to find out that hiring a photographer isn't actually that expensive either.

There is only one day to make these photos, and the photos cannot be made at a later time. Think about how sad it would be if you only received mediocre wedding photos.

So our advice:

even if your budget is limited, book a professional photographer for the whole day and create a wedding reportage, where really everything is photographed. Those who can afford to spend little should buy professional images only for the wedding and the group or the bridal couple. This way you will have a professional for the heart of the day and will be able to leave the rest of the celebration to 2-3 good amateur photographers chosen from friends and family.

However, different people should always be assigned to different (previously defined) areas. In this way the life of those who have been chosen to take the photographs is simplified: an entire day chasing the bride and groom is hard for a professional, let alone for an amateur.

Having more photographer friends also allows you to have more images and perspectives, and it's even more enjoyable to share your work with others, without a moment of surprise taking over.

What do you need to discuss with the photographer? Give him your list of dream wedding images and your special requests.

Your groomsmen should also let him know about planned surprises in advance, so they can be photographed from start to finish.

In practice, the photographer must always have met the most important people (groomsmen, parents) or seen photos of them in advance. This way the photographer knows who needs to be photographed, where, how and when and can prepare in advance.

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