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Liturgical card for photographers: why choose a wedding photographer authorized by the Cura Arcivescovile di Milano

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Milan and have decided to get married in church, it is a good idea to make sure that he has the curia's liturgical photographer card. In fact, the church ceremony is not only one of the most important and iconic moments of a wedding, but it is also a delicate phase, with precise rules that are impossible to escape.

Only a professional wedding photographer with the liturgical card for photographers of the curia is able to best assist you even in this part of your special day. This way you won't have to worry about your church ceremony.

What is the liturgical card for curia photographers?

Let's start with the fundamentals. In fact, not everyone knows what the curia's liturgical card is. Indeed, many are unaware of its existence! In reality it is a very important tool - or rather, a requirement - for a wedding photographer, because it is what enables him to photograph the ceremony according to the regulations imposed by the church.

This is a certification, which attests to the attendance of a specific course for wedding photographers, in which correct etiquette is taught and how a professional must behave to respect the sacredness of the event itself and of the church itself.

After all, we must not forget that a church wedding is not just a moment of joy, but represents a very important religious ritual. It is therefore understandable how the archbishop's curia decided to establish a standard of professionalism and knowledge that guarantees minimal interference with the celebration and carrying out of the event.

Why choose a wedding photographer with the curia's liturgical card

There is evidently a reason why we have come to have this obligation. Too often, in fact, couples decide to save money by turning to amateur or improvised photographers, who inevitably make a mess. Not only in terms of photographs (generally of very poor quality), but also in terms of presence: constituting a real invasion of the scene.

Therefore the liturgical card for curia photographers can be seen as a way to distinguish a professional wedding photographer from an amateur one. This is not a simple formality: it is important on a practical level, for a peaceful execution of your ceremony.

Yes, because knowing the phases of the celebration in which photography is prohibited, as well as carrying out your work in full respect of the parish priest, the church and the ritual, is necessary in order not to hinder your wedding and not to make the don angry in front of everyone The guests.

For example, you cannot photograph during the homily, the Eucharist or even at the final moment of raising the chalice. Imagine an outburst in the middle of the celebration, especially in a delicate moment like the ones just mentioned. Which spouses would ever want to find themselves in such an embarrassing situation? Yet it happened. Due to lack of preparation, you risk ruining one of the best moments of your life.

This is why we at the wedding photography studio are always happy to show off our liturgical card from the Milan Curia. This is a guarantee for our customers, who know they can count on a wedding photographer in Milan who knows what he is doing, while they can enjoy the moment in all its magic.

Think of it a bit like a diploma. Would you ever trust yourself to choose a driver without a license for your wedding? The same goes for the wedding photographer. If you are planning a church ceremony, make sure you turn to a professional who is authorized by the archbishop's curia.

Do you have more questions about the wedding ceremony and photography? Read our blog or do not hesitate to contact us.

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