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Morning or afternoon wedding?

Morning or afternoon wedding? Choosing to organize your wedding in the morning or in the afternoon is one of the first decisions you have to make when you get married. In fact, a lot of other preparations revolve around this choice: from when to book in church to the type of banquet, up to the location itself.

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A real dilemma, in short, which involves pros and cons from whichever side you want to look at it. So how can you make a decision? Below I will show you, for each aspect, what the main differences are between the two ceremonies. My advice is to read and try to understand which features are best for you.

The light during the wedding in the morning and afternoon

The first element to take into consideration when deciding between a morning or afternoon wedding is the light. The fact that it is at the top of the list is no coincidence. After all, you are on the website of the bride and groom's photography studio and, as we have explained other times, light in photography is fundamental.

You've probably already guessed that with a morning wedding there is more natural light. In fact, you have a whole sunny day ahead of you, ideal for having a wedding album full of outdoor photos. The light compliments the location and allows you to make full use of it.

A wedding in the afternoon has tighter deadlines and in no time at all the evening will fall. Here natural light disappears and we need to rely only and exclusively on artificial light. This doesn't mean it's impossible, but it obviously has limitations.

The wedding location: better in the morning or in the afternoon?

The morning or afternoon wedding dilemma also involves the location. What is beautiful during the day may prove insignificant in the evening or even impractical. For example, if the strong point of a location is the panoramic view, in the evening it risks being completely sacrificed. This also affects the work of the wedding photographer. However, there are contexts that are equally beautiful even in the evening, if not even more suggestive. In this case it's really a matter of taste.

Wedding preparations and how the time affects

The timing of the preparations is an aspect of the morning or afternoon wedding that not everyone takes into consideration. But trust me, after years of experience I have noticed that it is very important. A wedding in the morning leaves less space for preparations, unless you decide to wake up at dawn (and then have to deal with dark circles). Makeup, hair, dress, moving: this sequence becomes much more concentrated.

With the afternoon ceremony the music changes. You have all morning to calmly prepare and make sure every element is perfect. What you need to ask yourself first is how early you are. Secondly, if you are sure you can meet tight deadlines.

Morning vs evening post-wedding

An early morning wedding compared to an evening one involves a completely different post-ceremony. The one in the afternoon is more suitable for young and party-loving spouses, because you almost always end up dancing in the disco with all your closest friends. However, this does not apply if the wedding is on Sunday and the following Monday is a working day. This way you risk having guests leave earlier than desired.

A morning wedding means spending more time with friends and relatives in a relaxing setting. This can be very pleasant, but you also need to make sure that you don't go from tranquility to boredom, planning some activities and choosing an ideal location to spend a nice day.

These are the main differences between morning and afternoon weddings. Take them all into consideration and think about which circumstances are right for you. You will see that you will make the right choice and it will be a fairytale wedding. Just remember to hold on to your memories by hiring a true professional photographer.

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