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Photo printing methods for the wedding album

Photo printing methods for the wedding album

I have already told you about the main types of photographic paper, but today I want to explain to you what the major differences are between the different photographic printing methods for the wedding album.

Like paper, the photographic printing technique also has a major impact on the final result and can make the difference between a beautiful wedding photo album and a disastrous one.

In reality the two aspects - paper and photographic printing method - are strongly connected. In fact, they really go hand in hand! In fact, there is a right paper for every printing technique and it is the wedding photographer's job to advise and support

Now the best one. And this is one of the reasons why it is always better to rely on a professional.

Yes, because unfortunately - as often happens - there are pitfalls in this case too. That is, techniques created with little care, or with poor quality paper.

For example, photo books laid out with the same printed paper as the gossip magazines you find at your local hairdresser's. Leafing through it, it is clear that this is a highly inadequate support. In other words, a print made with such light paper is worth nothing, but above all it is not a photo.

To prevent you from finding yourself in this situation, below I will explain what are the main photographic printing methods for the wedding photo album, which we offer among our packages.

Find out what the best printing techniques are for the wedding album

Chemical photographic printing

The first wedding album printing method is traditional chemical photo printing or chemical bath printing. That is, the one that is carried out on photosensitive poly-coated paper with the use of systems equipped with laser heads.

The main benefit of this photographic printing method is the fidelity of brightness and tones in photographs. This is because chemical printing occurs through a process that maintains a high homogeneity of color transitions and half tones. Furthermore, it guarantees excellent rendering of details and contrasts thanks to the 300 dpi output.

Fine art photographic print

For those who prefer a more creative twist to faithfully printing, the fine art photographic technique adds an artistic element to the shots.

With digital photography, the possibilities for retouching photographs in post-production also increase. From the simple correction of the most common defects, to the addition of effects capable of transforming a normal shot into a true work of art. All while maintaining an extremely high level of quality.

As a wedding photographer in Milan, I have often found myself advising my clients to add an artistic touch to one or more photographs to make them unique. In short, true examples of photographic art

Today, incredible technologies are available for making HD prints. For example, the Canon Lucia EX technology, which offers a set of 12 pigment inks, which not only guarantees maximum quality, but also stands out for the durability of the photographs, guaranteed for up to 100 years.

Four-color hot printing

In this case we venture into a territory that does not directly concern the wedding album, but which represents a fundamental printing technique for weddings. In fact, it is the best portable printing method.

Yes, because it is possible to print the photos during the reception: a beautiful gift to give to the guests. In this case Canon Selphy paper is used, which guarantees very detailed prints and with a duration guaranteed by Canon of 160 years!

The wedding album cover print

We have seen what the best printing techniques are for the wedding album, but we must not forget a very important element in wedding photography: the album cover.

Is already. This is the most impactful element, as well as the one on which the first impression that the entire album conveys depends. This is why every married couple deserves to choose the best and most refined photo album cover printing technique.

For example, you can choose between fully printed covers, or with a printed front and leather back. Or again, with the neutral front without photos but a rather elegant title. You are spoiled for choice.

Finally, remember that in addition to the photographic printing technique, it is essential to choose serious professionals.

For example, make sure the printer tracks production and print quality, making sure the resolution and rendering of the photos is correct. Otherwise you risk ending up with a wedding photo album full of grainy photos.

Now that you know the main photo printing methods for the wedding album, you can read the other blog articles in search of new tips on wedding photography.

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