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Pre-wedding photo shoot: advantages and advice

The idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot is not new – many wedding photographers offer this service or an “engagement engagement”. However, it is important to focus on the goals and benefits of that session.

What are the objectives of a pre-wedding photo shoot?

As we see it, the objectives of pre-wedding photo shoots include:

Further develop the relationship established during the cognitive meeting. This relationship will prove fundamental to obtaining the collaboration and respect you need on your wedding day.

Learn to manage couples' movements in front of the camera. Understand what motivates them, what movements the couple does best, how to make them touch naturally in front of the camera. Do they look good in profile? What is the most photogenic side of the bride shoot? Is the groom relaxed in front of the camera? Before the wedding there is plenty of time to change everything that will potentially hinder the success of good photographs on the wedding day

There are also other practical benefits that come from producing a pre-wedding photoshoot, which will allow you to grow as a professional. Now I will list some of the practical advantages of carrying out a pre-wedding photo shoot for the newlyweds

Produce shots beyond compare

To produce a series of dazzling images, the love and joy of the bride and groom who are preparing to get married will help you in your creations. Before the wedding, the spouses live in a magical state of waiting without comparison: smiles and tenderness abound in every moment of their lives, emotions are tangible. Not that on the wedding day the emotions will be less, but between the tiredness resulting from the preparations and the anxiety of managing the event adequately, a lot of interiority is distracted by practical needs.

Positive reviews from the bride and groom even before the wedding!

Having your spouses rave about you before the wedding is a great way to start your chain of reviews from this work. Word of mouth among the bride and groom's friends will benefit and it is not unlikely that your future clients will be hiding among your clients' friends.

Extra sales

To make the most of extra sales opportunities. You can add up to 10% to your sales from each wedding client by selling pre-wedding shoot photos. Let's try to discuss a pre-wedding photo shoot beforehand during the introductory meeting. We suggest that a spring pre-wedding shoot is ideal for a summer wedding. This is because you want the two shoots to be close enough in time to allow you to establish a relationship between the two shoots, but far enough away to allow the couple to be happy to invest in the photos without wanting to wait and see the wedding photos before choosing the shots prenuptial.

I suggest you find some places that will be ideal for pre-wedding services. There is no need to choose extravagant places. A cafe or bar where you can meet the couple beforehand may be right for you. They also have the convenience of providing toilets and useful coverage to shelter from a sudden rain. If you are early or your customers are late with traffic, you can relax with a cup of coffee and wait comfortably.

What are the photographic requirements of a location suitable for a pre-wedding photo shoot

You just need a little common sense to find a suitable location for suitable photo shoots, but not thinking about it in advance can get you into trouble at the wrong time. Always make sure to follow these simple precautions

You must be able to shoot without any immovable or official obstacles. Some public open spaces may be protected by special statutes and require the purchase of a license to photograph for commercial purposes.

Always look for areas that are also lit by natural light. A cloister or colonnade is ideal. Buildings with covered walkways also work well. If it's raining you can stay dry and use the beautiful side light this type of location offers.

Consider shaded areas for shots on sunny days. You always have to be able to keep the sun at bay it's perfect. In summer, leafy trees provide shaded areas to work.

It's not a bad idea to shoot in unpopulated areas that offer the couple a certain degree of privacy and are therefore ideal. If they are not embarrassed by shooting in busy areas, the bride and groom can take beautiful photographs even in crowded places.

What equipment to use?

For me, I take a simple kit consisting of a camera, a monopod and two lenses, a 210 and a 35 mm, occasionally also an 80 mm. Traveling with light is a good idea. My camera bag is often needed as storage for purses, purses, backpacks, car keys and wallets. You need to have space available to free up the bride and groom's pockets: the photos are cleaner and a subsequent photoshop is avoided.

The photos I take are a combination of single shots – with and without eye contact – and couple shots. I usually use a very tight frame, minimizing background distractions. The isolation of the couple is my main focus, to produce striking portraits. I almost always shoot at f/4 and 400 ISO.

The session is smooth and I try new things and follow everything that comes to mind. Shoot from below and above the eye line to get more vibrant images. My aim is to photograph the couple's emotions. Above all, I try to keep the energy high and make the couple have fun.

How to use images from a pre-wedding photoshoot

The images can be used on wedding invitations, websites and even projected as a slideshow at the wedding reception. There are excellent opportunities to develop a range of products to make the best use of photos.

Bear in mind that an important aspect of pre-wedding shots is also the psychological one.

If you spend 60 to 90 minutes on your pre-wedding shoot and produce 20 very high-quality photos, 12 hours of shooting with two photographers will produce several hundred! We have already told them that they will be shown hundreds of images from their wedding and that they will love them all.

Couples often have low self-esteem as photography subjects and you will have to amaze them! Pre-wedding shots allow you to dispel the myth and route the photographer-client relationship in the best possible way.

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