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Professional wedding video: advantages and features

Professional wedding video: advantages and features

There are many elements that make a professional wedding video. From filming to the discretion of the shooting photographer, from the use of light to editing: it requires technique, experience and dexterity.

Furthermore, only a professional wedding photographer knows how to make the video current, dynamic and comprehensive, without ever being boring. In fact, times have changed and so have the tastes and expectations of our customers.

Editing: creating a wedding video like a film

The quality of the professional wedding video lies not only in the filming itself, but also in the editing. This is a very important phase, which requires attention and talent. This is why our wedding photography studio relies on an expert video operator.

The first fundamental rule of an excellent wedding video is to choose the exact duration. Today a modern video lasts 15-20 minutes at most: ideal for describing the event without boring. In these minutes it is necessary to show all the most important and exciting moments of the wedding. But how?

A successful professional wedding video requires dynamic editing. Unlike videos shot years ago, today's videos must have a dynamism that makes them current and captivating, with frequent frame changes that keep those watching them glued to the screen.

So from the filming of the bride we move on to the groom's preparations, and then focus on waiting in the church and so on. An alternation of moments, details, and subjects that clearly communicate the progress of the ceremony, transmitting the strong emotions of those moments. This is why we talk about wedding videos as films.

Finally, if you want to add a touch of creativity to your video, you can insert the credits with the images of the participants and their names (for example "Anna Rossi as the mother of the bride"), as if they were characters in a film.

The audio in the professional wedding video

Another element that makes the difference in a professional wedding video is the audio. The use of music, the choice of songs and the quality of the audio are features that – if used well – will take your video to another level.

The songs in the wedding video must be current and in line with the images shown. Which means that during editing, the shots change in sync with the rhythm of the song. Of course you can alternate the music with live audio fragments, especially in the most significant moments. Like exchanging vows, karaoke, or the bride and groom's first dance.

Believe me, a correct use of music in the wedding video ties the final result together impeccably. Just like what happens in commercials or music videos, where the synergy between images and audio communicates a message even more strongly.

3 technical tips for a professional wedding video

1 shoot from different perspectives

To obtain a dynamic wedding video it is necessary to shoot the same event from multiple angles and with different perspectives. Close-ups, overall view, bride and groom: they are all points of view of the same moment which during the editing phase allow you to obtain a more professional and dynamic result.

This is why it is convenient to have multiple photographers instead of just one during the wedding.

2 try to be stable

A professional wedding video cannot be shaky or choppy. You need a firm and expert hand that can capture everything in a stable way.

Stability also means constancy. Avoid constantly changing zoom (moving closer and further away) or constantly turning around. You don't want to make the bride and groom feel seasick when they watch the video.

3 Always frame your subjects

When shooting a wedding video it is important to keep in mind what the subject - or subjects - of each shot is, because that is where all the attention must be focused. Like when you take a photo, even when you shoot a movie you must never get distracted by wandering with the lens.

To help you, you can also apply the rule of thirds in your wedding video, which consists of dividing the screen horizontally and vertically into thirds by drawing two perpendicular lines. Your subjects must be on the four points of intersection between these lines. Also remember to never place the horizon in the center, but always above the top line or below the bottom one.

These are the main characteristics of a professional wedding video. Take advantage of it and make sure you always turn to a professional photographer who implements what you have read above.

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