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The bouquet for your wedding: photos of the bouquet and advice for choosing

Choosing your wedding bouquet is a highly personal choice and helps define the overall look of your wedding day.

One way to begin the selection process is to choose your favorite flowers and color scheme. So consider what shape you want to give to your wedding and the season in which you will get married. For example, “I want a yellow, pink and white bouquet in a romantic and spring style”, or “I want a red-lilac bouquet in a formal/winter style”.

Knowing these things ahead of time will help you or your florist narrow down the vast options available to you. Also remember that the price depends on the availability of flowers in a particular season.

Your bridal bouquet is the floral summa of your wedding: it is the accessory that will accompany your beautiful dress and will be depicted in every photo, so its design should exceed your expectations.

Look at some bouquet photos of our weddings and get some ideas for your wedding! Also visit our gallery .

But how do you create the perfect bouquet? Florists can only guess if you don't provide adequate information: it's important that you know how to clearly explain what you want. Furthermore, the more knowledgeable you are about the flower varieties and combinations available, the more you can personalize your bouquet.

Here, we recommend four things to consider when selecting your bridal bouquet.

Choose only seasonal flowers for your bouquet

Just like fruits and vegetables, flowers will be of better quality when they are in season. Your bouquet should be composed of fresh and fully colored flowers, rather than withered flowers grown in some greenhouse and already ruined by the transport necessary to market them. A seasonal arrangement also allows you to discover flowers you have never known and you will be able to create a truly unique bouquet.

The theme of your bouquet

When you meet with your florist, bring examples of elements you would like to have present at your wedding. Even just a simple cell phone photo will help your florist understand the vibe of your wedding. For example, if your wedding follows a party theme, your florist can design a bright and fun bouquet, using brightly colored succulents and peonies. A more monotonous and classic style wedding requires simple floral compositions and soft colours. In this case, your bouquet should be simple and have more structured flowers, such as calla lilies and ranunculus.

Don't look for impossible combinations: base them on your favorite flowers and you won't regret it!

Let your florist know what your favorite flowers are so they can be incorporated into your bouquet. This marriage is a representation of your personality, as well as your partner's personality; make sure it is a personal bouquet. You just have to think about what your favorite flowers are and check that they are available in the season of your wedding.

For example, if you love lilacs, they can be very suitable for a spring wedding. Also keep your geographic location in mind – most flower varieties can be grown anywhere; however, they may be rarer in some regions.

Try looking online too - an online store helps you view what's available and you can even find the retailer closest to your wedding venue. For example, if roses are a must-have, the online store can track them or ship them directly to your home.

Color combination

The color scheme of your bouquet is crucial. If the bouquet clashes with any of the other bridal colors at your wedding, the overall aesthetic will be compromised. You also don't want your bouquet to pop with too many bright colors, or it will stand out too much in photographs.

You need a solid balance: neutral and colorful. But don't go crazy: the flowers just need to go well with your dress and everything will be perfect

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