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The details in wedding photography and the importance of an accurate plan of the day

The details in wedding photography and the importance of an accurate plan of the day

Be detail oriented

Detail shots, Livers, are essential for creating a sense of place and documenting the overall design of the event. Couples spend a tremendous amount of time, energy and money creating an event in a style that is revealed in everything from the invitations to the venue setups. All customers always appreciate the images of these details, which can also be used to decorate wedding albums with style.

Detail images are crucial to a good album design. They add visual interest to the album and provide a more complete representation of the event. Additionally, the colors and design features shown in the detail photos help tie the pages of an album together with a cohesive theme.

The reception is the ideal time to capture detail images. Try to beat the crowd to the location where you can get a few minutes of undisturbed footage. If you must, take a few key items and create your own still life. Simply arrange the elements in ideal light, create some quality images, and then return everything. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort to recreate their creative vision.

Detail photos always win

Detail shots are the perfect images to submit for publication. Magazines want to portray the full story of a wedding, and detail shots help you complete the narrative. Wedding publications especially love to showcase the products couples use during their weddings. It pleases their advertisers (the creators of these products) and gives their readers more ideas for designing their own events.

What have I learned from experience about detail photos at weddings and about planning my work in advance

A few years ago, I had a wedding coming up, and I repeatedly asked whoever was in charge of organizing it for a time line to better organize my work. He kept promising to send it to me, but when the wedding day arrived, I still didn't have a plan.

The reception is a time when events tend to accumulate in rapid sequence. If you're not on top of the schedule and aren't aware of what's happening, you could miss important moments. At this particular wedding, we were flying from location to location because we didn't have a plan.

When it seemed like there was a bit of calm, we distanced ourselves a little from the crowd to take the detail shots: it seemed like the most appropriate moment, to do work at a more relaxed pace and also to recharge our energy a little .

Suddenly, I looked over and saw that the first dance was starting. No one had called my attention, no one had made an announcement. The couple simply stood up and started dancing! I was completely unprepared. I didn't have the right camera or the right lenses. I couldn't find my assistant. My job requires some preparation – I don't just shoot at random – so I was panicking about the prospect of missing the whole dance before I had everything ready to shoot properly.

I could see the couple in the distance dancing, and I could also see some of the guests looking at me and wondering what I was doing. I was clearly freaking out and people were noticing.

The first thing I did was take a deep breath and tell myself to calm down. Then I found my camera bag, grabbed the camera and appropriate lens, and hit the dance floor. Luckily, my assistant had already been able to recognize what was happening, and met me on his way to the dance floor. We turned on the video light and I took a couple shots before the song ended.

Luckily, the two captured frames turned out great, and the couple never knew about the near miss. However, it's not a situation I want to repeat. Now I always make sure I'm ultra prepared. I start asking planners or clients for a timeline months in advance, and I don't shut up until I get the schedule. People sometimes say to me, “oh, don't worry. We will make announcements before all the important things." Is not enough. I need to make absolutely sure that I have an appropriate amount of time to prepare beforehand.

Of course since then I only take detail shots when I am absolutely certain that nothing else important is happening in the meantime!

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