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The profession of the wedding photographer: what we offer to the spouses

The profession of the wedding photographer: what we offer to the spouses

Today everyone wants to be a wedding photographer. But it hasn't always been like this: on the contrary, for ten years the profession of wedding photographer was often snubbed in this sector. In fact, it was easy to meet puritans at the national photographers association who made fun of us by claiming that photographing weddings, fashion shows and commercial products was a crime against the art of photography.

In short, it seemed that the only way to be a real photographer was to aim to become the new Helmut Newton. And there was no point in explaining that wedding, fashion and advertising photographers were all necessary roles and that they might as well be filled by trained professionals. Just as it was useless to point out that enormous emotions are hidden behind a wedding and that being the director of the most important day of a loving couple had, in its own way, an artistic component, because if art is not emotion, what And?

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Everything changed with the crisis. Those who previously had the luxury of being snobs suddenly had to adapt to the new market, throwing themselves into the few areas of photography in which demand hasn't suffered too much. Namely wedding photography and a few other sectors.

It is easy to imagine how in a critical period the space for more creative work is increasingly limited, since there is no real need behind it. And so, even those who considered themselves an incorruptible photographic artist had to choose between a commercial career and staying at home.

The new era for the wedding photographer profession

With the increase in professional photographers taking up weddings, obviously the offer of photographic studios ready to assist future spouses on their wedding day has also increased. This has led to ever greater diversification, also with regards to the range of prices for the wedding photo shoot.

Yes, because as competition has grown, many wedding photographers have started to lower their prices, offering discounts of up to 50% or economical photoshoot packages.

However, this has started to compromise the quality of the service offered: from cheap photographic paper to non-professional equipment, to maintain competitive prices, wedding photographers have had to make cuts which unfortunately make a difference not only on the price, but also on the result the final.

Yet this does not apply to everyone. For example, we at the wedding photography studio have never compromised the quality of our work, at the cost of being less competitive. Having worked for many years as a wedding photographer in Milan, I know well what my profession requires and what clients want, and I know that in the end saving money can lead to great disappointment once the bride and groom find their wedding album in their hands. .

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Because wedding photographers believe in quality

A wedding – be it a church ceremony or a civil union – is always a special day, and as such it deserves the best possible treatment. This is why we as wedding photographers have never decreased the quality of our services.

Ours are wedding albums printed only on very high quality photographic papers, with high thickness and weight, and embellished with a refined cover.

But that's not all: as well as in the result, the value of our work can also be seen during the execution of the service. In fact, we are among the few wedding photographers who offer six meetings with the future spouses. The first introductory meeting, to present our services without obligation. The second, without time limit, to define the booking form, with all the details of the wedding ceremony and the preferences of the couple.

Then it's time for the third meeting, with the delivery of all (but absolutely all) the original photographs on various DVDs and on USB in "Facebook format", so that the spouses can start looking at them. In the fourth meeting, however, we choose with you the photos to include in the wedding album: so you make the final decision, albeit with our help and advice.

This is followed by a meeting in which we show you the video draft of the album, so you can make changes if necessary. And finally the day of delivery of all the albums and the possible editing of the wedding video.

In short, we dedicate all the time necessary to get to know each other, to understand which service is right for you and to obtain the most beautiful photo album.

Your involvement is fundamental to the wedding photographer's work

Finally, what makes wedding photographers a very high quality studio is the way in which we involve you in our work. Yes, because your contribution is indispensable!

We wedding photographers are experts in taking beautiful wedding photos and in everything that goes into doing so: from light to details. But it is you who must guide us, specifying what your tastes are and what you would like to see in your wedding album.

From the preparations of the spouses, to their closest friends and relatives: every wedding is different and the album must capture the spirit of the couple, translating onto photographic paper the atmosphere and emotions of the event as the spouses experience them.

Here is the magic of the wedding photographer profession!

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