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The pros and cons of the wedding buffet

When you are about to organize a wedding there are many things to think about: the invitations, the location, the photo shoot and, logically, the wedding lunch. To organize a banquet you have two alternatives available: that of the traditional lunch served at the table and that of the wedding buffet. Let's discover the two possibilities together and which solution is best for you.

Wedding lunch served at the table: a choice in the name of tradition

Lunch served at the table represents the traditional choice par excellence and sees all the guests sitting at the table. They remain seated throughout the meal (except for the logical need to go to the bathroom) and are often prepared to expect long eating marathons. Wedding banquets served at the table are usually organized in a very sumptuous manner and the moment that follows is characterized by a particular solemnity and formality. If this is how you want to organize your wedding, the solution of lunch served at the table is the best and will allow guests to avoid long queues at the buffet!

The wedding buffet: a trendy choice

An increasingly trendy choice compared to the past is represented by the wedding buffet. When we hear the word "buffet" we no longer think of the typical solemn wedding banquets to which tradition has accustomed us, but the exact opposite. Buffets are usually associated with very informal moments such as the aperitif (in this case "apericena") which is usually done with friends. Applying the buffet formula to a wedding allows you to recreate a more informal and less solemn atmosphere, more in the spirit of modernity and less of tradition. If this is what you are looking for for your wedding, the buffet solution may be the most suitable.

The pros of the wedding buffet

Among the pros of the wedding buffet there is certainly the fact that the guests will find themselves able to choose the foods they want right from the start, without necessarily having to follow an order. Furthermore, they will not find themselves waiting for their orders at the table, but will have immediate access to the banquet. Finally, the informal atmosphere is increasingly pleasant for the new generations and the buffet will certainly be able to recreate it even in an event such as a wedding.

The cons of the wedding buffet

Among the most significant cons of choosing a buffet is the fact that not everyone is guaranteed the same amount of food. While at a served table everyone receives their dish, at the buffet the food is available to everyone. There will inevitably be people who eat more and others less. This is a disadvantage which, however, in weddings, is rather mitigated by the type of event itself. Let's say it clearly: it is very unlikely that in a wedding there will be an assault on the ovens of Manzoni's memory by particularly hungry guests. Even though the buffet is informal, the event is such that a guest who plunderes the buffet would make an exact impression on Fantozzi.

In the end, there is no reason to think that at a wedding buffet there will be guests who will be left empty-handed. In any case, a very valid strategy consists in organizing a particularly rich banquet, in order both to avoid possible shortcomings and to resolve another inconvenience: that relating to the tastes of the guests. In a rich and very varied buffet we will be able to include dishes of all types, including vegetarian and vegan and, why not, even ethnic! At this point the last disadvantage arises, which is the risk of waste which, in a very rich buffet, is even more concrete. This risk can be resolved by committing to organizing a "solidarity" buffet, whose leftovers can be donated to the neediest people.

The buffet seems to have more pros than cons and therefore presents itself as a choice as valid as that of a lunch served at the table. Therefore, all that remains is the choice depending on your tastes, tending more or less towards a traditional or informal banquet.

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