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Wedding photographer available throughout Italy!

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Giovanni Rusconi and I am the wedding photographer who runs the company Fotografi degli Sposi with passion and effort. I am a wedding photographer active in Milan and throughout Italy and have been in this wonderful industry now for over 20 years. I have loved every second and every couple (almost!) I have had the joy of working with.

Wedding photography for me has simply been the most important investment of my life. I was lucky enough to work with couples from whom true love emanated.

If you are reading this article you or someone around you is probably getting close to getting married. Wedding is one of the few moments in your life where everyone you love the most will be gathered in one place. My job is to collect and curate all the incredible memories you will make on your wedding day.

I am a great nature lover and this influences my work a lot.

I spontaneously photograph 90% of your wedding day (I love the reportage style) and for the other 10% of the day I use the technical skills I have developed over the years. Experience is necessary to quickly take perfect group photos without problems and also for couple photos. My main goal, however, is that you both have the best day and can then go home peacefully with beautiful memories. .

Where can you find me?

It's very simple.

I am in via Solferino 56, 20121 in Milan. I receive you in my studio by appointment. Visit the Contact page to let me know your needs.

I am active in the Milan area but I willingly travel throughout Italy. For travel I ask for a small contribution, but there is no place I don't arrive with my camera.

Lately I have been contacted very often by customers in Switzerland, who turn to the border to save a lot compared to national rates. Similarly, I have created a small circle of contacts between France and Spain, so it is possible that among the photos in the Gallery you will also find landscapes that are not ours but still beautiful.

Don't be shy about asking the most bizarre requests! We Bride and Groom Photographers will do our best to meet your every need.

Our packages are also completely customizable according to your needs: we meet and find a way to accommodate us 😉

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