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Wedding photographer equipment: 7 things to never forget

That of "always being ready" is a rule that applies very well to the wedding sector. Especially when it comes to photography. An expert wedding photographer from Milan tells you: in fact in my career I have understood that the unexpected is always lurking and it is better to be prepared, because during the wedding you rarely have a second opportunity to photograph a particular event. This is why I want to talk to you about the wedding photographer equipment that is always necessary for a professional.

Wedding photographer equipment to never forget

#1one or more assistants and colleagues

The art of wedding photography is not for lonely hearts. In fact, the benefits of having at least one assistant or another photographer are enormous.

First of all, it allows the photographer to focus on what he is doing, without having to think about doing a thousand other jobs, such as preparing the different camera lenses or arranging the lights.

Then it means having another point of view from which to shoot the most beautiful moments of your wedding. From the exchange of rings to the preparations of the bride and groom, there are aspects of a wedding ceremony that necessarily require two cameras.

#2 different lenses

The lens is one of the most important tools for the wedding photographer. The quality of the photographs depends on its quality and therefore the appearance of your entire wedding album.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to be equipped with more than one lens, in order to have the right one for every circumstance.

Multiple lenses allow you to take beautiful and different photographs. From the close-up of the spouses who see each other for the first time during the wedding, to the group photos with all the wedding witnesses.

In addition to having different objectives, it is always a good idea to also bring a reserve: because you never know.

#3 spare batteries

While we're on the subject of "plans b", it's a good idea to always remember to bring spare batteries charged and ready for use.

The day is long and it's easy to run out of battery before you're done. Naturally, the idea of remaining on foot halfway through the ceremony is unthinkable. This is why it is essential to go out equipped with reserves.

Part of the job of a wedding photographer is taking on the responsibility of assisting and supporting the bride and groom on this very important day. This means never risking making a mistake that could cause them to remain dissatisfied.

#4 memory cards

Maybe it's not intuitive, but among the necessary things for a professional wedding photographer a set of memory cards can never be missing.

The spouses are used to receiving the photo album with the shots selected and improved in postproduction, but there is a long road before reaching this point. Very long! There are thousands of photos taken by us photographers and they are all in HD. This means that the space needed is really a lot: GB upon GB.

Furthermore, having more memory cards gives us the possibility of being more organized in dividing the shots. A small trick that could prove very useful once I return to the photography studio.

#5 liturgical card of the curia

Did you know that to photograph the ceremony in church you need the liturgical card issued by the curia? It goes without saying that a wedding photography professional must be equipped with it.

This is a license issued at the end of a course, which certifies the suitability of the photographer in a sacred context. In fact, to obtain it you need to study how to behave in church and what are the moments of the ceremony in which taking photographs is prohibited.

This obviously does not apply to civil unions, but in any case it is one of the tools without which my work would be practically impossible.

#6 professional flash

As we have said several times, photography is light. And to provide light you need professional flashes inside the wedding photographer equipment.

What do I mean? There is a need for flashes that are capable of illuminating the subject in a natural way, enveloping it with the right light and temperature. Having an inadequate flash leads to dark photographs and distorted colours. In short, an unwelcome result.

#7 why not: a drone

The miracles of technology also work in a wedding photographer's favor: and not just in terms of traditional photography equipment.

You will undoubtedly have heard of drones, which in recent years have also made their appearance on the consumer market. That is, radio-controlled flying devices to which a video camera can be connected.

The result? Spectacular aerial shots of the wedding ceremony and the entire wedding location. A real gem to add that touch of magic and amazement to your wedding video or wedding album.

These are the 7 things needed for a wedding photographer: make sure you choose a professional who has them.

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