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Wedding photography: present the prices of photography packages

The price for wedding photography represents your value as an artist and decides the type of client you are looking for

When you get to this point in the complicated journey of landing a new customer, pricing means determining the type of customer you're targeting. Want a high-end price tag? Offer a world-class experience. Presentation, service and consistency become more and more relevant at a higher price.

When a client contacts me for the first time, there are two initial questions: the first is "are you available?"; the second is “how much does it cost?”. I never allow the price to be set over the phone during the initial conversation.

Instead, I send a collection of images with general information and a rate card; sometimes I add a very rough initial estimate. The packages include DVDs, online photo albums, printed albums in various sizes (the largest is 42×30 cm), prints directly at the banquet.

The website is my main business card

Information on prices and the quality of my work is already available online on the website: I want them to know in advance what to expect: then, if they book an appointment, I adjust the price to suit our client.

The website works as a business card. The brides observe it carefully, perhaps they consult with the future groom and with their friends before contacting me. The site is my main marketing tool, regardless of whether the couple ends up booking me or not.

The site has a fairly economical maintenance cost, and is presented in a professional manner.

I don't chase them even if they contact me via email beyond my initial response with a rough estimate. If he likes me, he likes me. If they don't contact me again, I certainly won't bother them.

Remember that prices already describe the package you are selling, they represent the value you provide as an artist.

Look at all our services offered and our prices!

Flexibility in the pricing of the photography packages offered is essential for me

I'm not afraid to negotiate prices and I think this flexibility has actually helped me improve my business more quickly. Many photographers draw a line in the sand and say, “these are my prices and I won't budge.” I don't do it: I simply don't think it's possible. If I meet a couple I really want to work with, I will customize my package based on price.

If they can't afford ten hours, maybe we only do six. If they can't afford the full package with all the products, maybe I'll change what I'm offering and try to make it work. As long as I'm pricing my time appropriately, then I feel comfortable tailoring packages to clients' budgets. Many of my favorite weddings are the ones for which I have negotiated prices.

When you trade, you are open to the possibilities of growing your business and your portfolio. You just have to make sure you're comfortable with the final agreement, because if you feel like you're giving the farm away, you're not going to do your best work, and that doesn't help anyone.

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