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Wedding photography: why choose the online album?

Wedding photography: why choose the online album?

Let's say it without too many problems: the world is changing. Everything is going digital, and so is our marriage. Once upon a time, the wedding album par excellence was a bound and elegant file that could preserve the memories of our wedding. Memories that could be passed down at any time and relived every time you decided to open the album and leaf through it. Now the choice of the physical photo album remains widespread among traditionalist people, those who still wish to do things "the old way", at least as far as the most beautiful moment of their life is concerned.

Other people, however, have decided not to request the production of a physical album, opting instead to simply create the online photo album. But what is the best choice? The very simple answer is: there isn't. Everyone has their preferences, but the fact remains that choosing an online photo album has some advantages.

The online photo album costs less than the physical one

The first reason is perhaps the most obvious, and if there are those who spare no expense at least on the day of their wedding, for others saving always remains something significant even on this occasion. If one does not have the particular need to own a physical album, choosing the online edition alone is certainly more advantageous from an economic point of view.

You can't miss the online photo album

Whatever happens, the online photo album remains there, forever, ready to be opened at any moment. The physical photo album still remains a tangible object, with its charm, but also with its risks: it can be lost, stolen, damaged... the online one will always be there, protected from any external element that could ruin your memories forever.

The online photo album can be shared with whoever you want

The online photo album is something very personal and intimate, which you can choose to share only with whoever you want. Your album at home can only be seen by you and your guests (unless you carry it around), while the online one can be shared remotely. Furthermore, thanks to password protection, you can choose to limit access: Your most beautiful memories will always be protected.

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