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Wedding photoshoot: traditional style or reportage?

Wedding photoshoot: traditional style or reportage?

Are you planning your wedding and can't decide on the style of your wedding album? Don't panic: it's a very common dilemma. After all, these are the photographs that portray the most beautiful memories of your life. The ones you will show your grandchildren one day.

From the proposal to the highly anticipated "I do", a long list of crucial decisions awaits the future spouses. Long or short dress? Veil: yes or no? Chantilly cream or chocolate cake? How to avoid your mother-in-law? But one of the most important choices lies in understanding what is the most appropriate style for your wedding photographs.

What are the different styles for wedding photoshoot?

When it comes to a wedding photoshoot, there are many styles and they can vary even down to the smallest detail. Romantic, artistic, contemporary, black and white. The choice is really wide. Yet there are two macro trends that have dominated the market lately: traditional style and photographic reportage.

The first is the one in which the bride and groom pose at the photographer's request. A sort of time-out is therefore created in which the couple is removed from the ceremony to be portrayed in choreographed situations: from exchanging a kiss to looking intensely into each other's eyes in front of the sunset. Differently, in the reportage the wedding photographer blends in among the guests, with his finger well placed on the trigger ready to immortalize all the most significant moments live.

Pros and cons of traditional wedding photography


You have more control over the final result.

Ability to repeat a shot multiple times.

The bride and groom can be more photogenic.

It's easier to check details like dress and location.

If the classics are classics, there is a reason.


It can be considered an old-fashioned style.

It requires a lot of time (“stolen” from the ceremony).

It's one more thing to plan.

The photos sometimes appear too rigid and constructed.

The photographer is forced to be more invasive.

Pros and cons of reportage style wedding photography


More modern and dynamic style.

Capture real moments rather than constructed ones.

More unusual and unique shots.

It requires no programming.

A story of the wedding is created from multiple points of view.


Greater unpredictability: wedding photographs are known once the work is finished.

You need a very capable wedding photographer.

The bride and groom may not come out perfectly in all photos.

Why choose when you can have the best of both?

Photographers of the bride and groom offers a style that perfectly balances the elements of traditional photography and those of reportage, to obtain a natural, exciting and guaranteed quality wedding album. Furthermore, a touch of fine art is also added to make the shots more meaningful than true works of art to be framed.

Our approach consists in immortalizing all the most beautiful moments of the entire day, without constraints and without invading the intimacy of the spouses and their guests. At the same time, years of experience allow us to know which are the classic shots that no couple would ever want to give up - not even the most alternative - and it is our concern to portray them in the most attractive way possible. The result is a collection of both important milestones, such as cutting the cake and exchanging wedding rings, and unpredictable moments that provoke a smile. So the bride and groom can enjoy this special day sure of having the best service.

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