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Wedding preparations: 7 tips from bride and groom photographers

Wedding preparations: 7 tips from bride and groom photographers

When the wedding day approaches, anxiety usually begins to attack you.

Often one question among all buzzes in your head... "what should I do to prepare for the wedding day?". Relatives and friends will compete to give you last-minute advice and remedies such as miraculous compresses, last-minute diets and grandma's smoothing creams. However, if the aim is not to arrive stressed on the wedding day, these are our 7 tips on preparing for a wedding while having fun!

1. Eat a light, healthy but energetic breakfast.

Anxiety and stress often have a strange effect and most of the time spouses forget to eat and drink. Nothing could be more wrong! The wedding day, regardless of what mood you experience it in, is a very hard, stressful and long day. On days like these, having the right reserves of energy and vigor are essential to avoid unpleasant consequences. Therefore it is important to consume sugars and fats such as classic bread and jam, fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, croissants, cereals and fruit juices. It is not important to choose which of these foods is the most suitable, the important thing is not to skip breakfast! You have to be energetic and bear the load of the long day, the emotions you will feel and the "kind" relatives.

2. For wedding preparations, wear comfortable but beautiful clothing.

Usually during wedding preparations it is customary to use sporty and comfortable clothes that allow you to move in an agile and functional way. All right but…

Don't forget that during the preparations you are not alone! In fact, the photographer also wanders around the house and will inevitably go and immortalize your "casual" clothing which may not be aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, think carefully about which clothing to wear by evaluating 2 fundamental aspects: comfort and aesthetics. Therefore, coordinate with guests, friends and relatives in order to choose a dress that is aesthetically beautiful, coordinated with their clothes and comfortable for carrying out your preparations.

3. Listen to relaxing music or whatever you like

It is very unlikely that you will be calm and relaxed on your wedding day. We therefore advise you to entertain your wedding preparations with music that you like and that puts you in a good mood. The type of music you listen to is not important, there are those who prefer a piano background, those who prefer to get pumped up with good rock music, others with South American music. What matters is the result. If the music you choose allows you to ward off stress and anxiety, so be it! Obviously we advise you not to choose the music on the day, because this would only increase anxiety. Rather, plan and choose the music days in advance so that you don't have to worry about choosing it at the last moment, perhaps even in a rush.

So let loose to the rhythm of music and chase away negative thoughts!

4. Prepare all the clothes and accessories you will wear for your wedding day the day before.

Don't wait until the last day to bring out the dress and all the accessories you will wear or use on your wedding day. Firstly because this would make you delay your preparations and secondly because this would increase your anxiety due to the fear of forgetting something. Furthermore, always remember that the photographer will be around the house to photograph the details that you have expertly prepared for him the evening before, exposing them in the way and in the context that will best highlight the wedding service you have always wanted. Jewellery, belts, dresses, laces, flowers, clothing accessories, confetti, wedding favors, rings, invitations, perfumes and bouquets are some of the things we recommend preparing well in advance.

5. Be careful with alcohol.

Your wedding day will be long and your concentration will have to be at its maximum. It is therefore essential to be sober throughout the morning and the ceremony. So be careful with alcohol, if you want to toast at home with relatives and friends don't give in to the temptation to use aperitifs or alcohol in general. The "let your hair down" excuse given by some friends and relatives is not a good idea. To memorize, remember and live the day to the fullest and to avoid unpleasant events, you must not be under the influence of alcohol. The same thing goes for coffee, caffeine-based drinks or stimulants, the day will already be exciting without the use of these substances which would only make you more nervous and even more anxious.

6. Accept the advice and help of your loved ones and friends

Organizing a wedding is very difficult (it is no coincidence that the profession of wedding planner was born) and remembering everything and everyone is practically impossible. Plan your wedding well in advance by delegating some tasks to your closest friends and family. In addition to relieving you of some burdens, this will ensure that you don't forget to prepare, book or plan anything. Also consider that those who love you will feel gratified and happy to help you, so why not take advantage of it?

If you really can't find your way around the numerous commitments and preparations that revolve around a wedding, contact a professional wedding planner, you will see that he will only leave you with the burden of enjoying your wedding!

7. Surprise! Don't be selfish, think about your future spouse.

Marriage is not an event that you experience alone, in addition to relatives and friends there is a person who, like you, lives the day as a co-protagonist, your future spouse! If you are nervous, stressed, anxious or distressed, remember that you are not alone, your future spouse may also feel the same or worse than you. Then surprise him by preparing a beautiful love letter a few days before to be delivered the same morning or before the ceremony where you will describe your passion and your love. This will strengthen your marriage even more and make you more confident both during the ceremony and throughout the day.

And now that you are psychologically prepared to face your day, contact wedding photography professionals so as not to miss the magical moments of the day, which now, following our advice for preparations, I hope you will spend with greater relaxation!

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