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Wedding videos, how the testimony of such an important memory should be created

The videos regarding the wedding day are a testimony that absolutely cannot be missing from the couple's memories .

What should you include and avoid in a wedding video to ensure it is the best it can be? And what are some wedding video ideas you would do well to consider before the big day? Let's take an in-depth look at this topic.

The main types of wedding videos

There are many different types and styles of wedding videos , each with their own focal points, positives and negatives. No one is better than the others as it's all a matter of personal preference. Naturally provided that the video is well made. However, if you want to make sure you get the video you want, it's a good idea to learn about the different styles and types beforehand to choose the one that best suits your taste.

Cinematic style

This type of video is shot and edited to have a film-like look . It often requires a lot of editing, special effects and music to achieve the perfect dramatic effect for the shots and scenes. It requires specialized software and skills, as well as nice backgrounds for most shots.

Artistic style

The key thing about art style is that there are few to no rules , that's what makes it artistic. It's about making the wedding video as unique as possible. If you want to go for something more artistic, it's a good idea to know the videographer well and talk to him/her beforehand about exactly what you want the final product to look like.

Journalistic style

A simple, direct and easy approach to achieve, the journalistic style is simply about capturing events as they happen, making all shots as objectively clean and straightforward as possible and without adding any flair or dramatic effects to the video.

Synthetic style

A shorter and more focused style, this type of Wedding video only covers the highlights of the Wedding in quick succession. These videos usually last 15-50 minutes and summarize many moments in a short time, showing you only the key points of the event.

Narrative style

This type of Wedding video requires a lot of editing skill , similar to the cinematic style. However, instead of turning the Wedding video into a film, this approach includes lots of editing and voice-over narration to turn the footage into a quick and captivating story . This type of video should also include plenty of testimonials and dialogue footage chosen and shot specifically for the purposes of the video. This is a great style of wedding video if you intend to show it to people who have unfortunately missed the ceremony or some phases of the day.

The importance of lighting and audio

Whatever type of wedding video you choose to opt for, there are some basic features that are essential . After all, whatever the style, if the execution is poor, you will never be satisfied with the final product.

Video must have high-quality audio : This might seem like a given, but it's often overlooked by amateur or beginner videographers. Audio is a fundamental part of any wedding video: if the audio is poor, it will compromise the overall level of the project.

Now, let's move on to the "light" issue.

Each shot must be exposed evenly .

Another annoying thing about poorly shot and edited Wedding videos is uneven exposure in consecutive shots. This essentially means concatenating very bright scenes with dimly lit scenes. This often leads to the inevitable result of getting an unsatisfactory video. To avoid this, good videography will plan all shots in advance and make sure that the exposure and lighting match perfectly.

The lighting must therefore be taken care of in detail and must not only correspond from scene to scene, but must also be objectively balanced. A wedding reception will include many complicated lighting shots: some with very little lighting and some with too much light. The videographer must always ensure that every shot and scene is perfectly lit for the best possible results.

Each scene corresponds to a moment in the story

Capturing all the highlights through traditional Wedding footage is a must. And few things are more frustrating in a Wedding video than a missing key scene. The purpose of a wedding video is to tell the events of that most special day in order and with style. If something is missing, the whole idea is pretty much ruined.

But beyond this, it is also the small details that make the difference .

A general shot that portrays the guests waiting for the start of the ceremony, the scene in which during the preparations the bride cuddles the family dog or cat, children playing outdoors during the wedding banquet. They are all images that are cataloged as "B-roll" and which must enter into the story of the day to make the story more authentic and rich in detail.

The B-roll footage is both an editing nightmare and a blessing. It takes a long time to sift through footage, but it gives the videographer enough footage to add detail and style to the video and turn it into something truly special.

The camera, during filming, is mostly still .

It is certainly not an obligation but a good videographer can make sure that every shot and every scene takes place with a perfectly level and still camera.

Finally, everything that is filmed will then be edited to tell the story of the wedding day in the best possible way. But even the best possible footage can be processed into a boring and uninteresting video.

For this reason, much of the videographer's work is carried out in the editing room after the wedding and must also be carried out with competence to give birth to a work which, once completed, is of a good standard from every possible objective point of view.

What to include and avoid when making your wedding video

So, now that you've chosen your style and prepared for the big day, what are the key things to include and what are the key things to avoid in your wedding video ?

Among what to include, we have:

  • All the key and memorable shots of the entire Wedding . Missing something like the first kiss or first dance can ruin the whole experience of watching your wedding video.

  • Enough B-roll for the editing process . The easiest way to get a boring Wedding video if it's just a series of key shots with no B-roll footage to make it even more interesting.

  • Lots of preparation shots of the interior and exterior of the venue . These shots are easy to do as they can be taken before the wedding even begins. However, they are also important as they can make the video even more cinematic and special during the editing process.

  • Footage of the ceremony . The ceremony is the hardest part of most wedding videos to shoot, but it's also the most important part for most people.

  • Footage from the reception . Conversely, the reception is much easier and more fun to shoot, but this makes it equally important: a wedding video must also be fun to watch, after all.

Finally, as highlighted, there are also things to avoid.

We mentioned these things above, but we'll cover them briefly here, and any one of them can completely ruin your wedding video. If you want your wedding video to be something you can watch and play with your kids and friends for decades to come, make sure none of these issues are part of it:

  • Bad lighting

  • Poor audio

  • Shaky camera footage

  • Uneven exposure in shots

  • Boring and long videos due to editing

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