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What additional services for the wedding?

Now on the internet we are used to seeing ceremonies of all kinds. But to have an original wedding you don't need to get married in bizarre conditions, you just need to take advantage of the additional services of a professional photographer. So the surprise effect is there, but with style, so as not to regret an unfortunate choice at a later time.

The wedding photography studio offers a long list of possibilities that allow you to give an unexpected twist to the traditional photo shoot. Not only thanks to our modern dynamic wedding video editing, which guarantees an original and never boring film, but also and above all through effects, styles and points of view that you would never have thought of.

In fact, whether it's your wedding video or photo album, you'd be surprised by the amount of unusual – but still elegant and tasteful – choices you can choose from. Simply ask your professional photographer for advice on what additional services they offer.

Make your wedding unique by choosing an original photo shoot

Do you already have something special in mind for your wedding? Or are you looking for a different idea than usual, which differentiates your wedding from everyone else's? In both cases, by turning to photographers of the bride and groom you will find the support you need.

Our experience in the field allows us to identify the best ad hoc solution for every loving couple. And believe me: having seen it cooked and raw, we can immediately tell you what works and what doesn't.

Here are some additional wedding services to take inspiration from.

Prints at the banquet instead of the usual thanks

Why limit yourself to sending standard thanks after the ceremony, when you can show how much you appreciate your guests' participation in the moment, with an original and personal gesture? This is why we give you the opportunity to give all guests during the banquet a print that portrays a special moment.

Wedding in the future, with the use of drones for aerial photography.

You got it right: the use of drones. This is not a science fiction film, but one of the latest innovations in the field of wedding video shooting. Thanks to this technology it is possible to introduce a new point of view, which makes the film even more dynamic and surprising. So in addition to romantic close-ups, you can also observe what happens from above, with an aerial shot.

Give a sparkling touch to your photos with the laser effect.

Laser effects for the wedding photo shoot: who would have ever thought of it? For starters, we as bride and groom photographers. By using these colored light effects, we are able to give the photographs a lively tone, without disturbing them or distracting attention from the subjects. The result is an even more magical atmosphere, to turn a dream into reality.

Choose a photo booth with a polaroid to add a vintage and dynamic touch.

Alongside the professional service, do you want something more vintage and original? You can choose a photo booth to take instant photographs with polaroids. A perfect idea to interact and share with all the guests.

Don't say it in words: tell it with images.

Instead of the usual toast speech, tell your love story during the wedding reception using a video projector. You will thus be able to show photographs of all the most beautiful moments spent together up until the moment of the wedding. But it doesn't end there: we give you the opportunity to already project the photos of the ceremony taken a few moments before.

These are just some of the additional photography services you can use for your wedding. Contact us if you want to know more and please: share this article with your friends, so they too can give you new ideas.

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